Concern about the low U.S. saving rate and its negative impact on capital formation and economic growth prompted the American Council for Capital Formation (ACCF) Center for Policy Research to launch a multifaceted, three-year project to explore this issue in 1988. This volume is one element of that project. This book contains slightly updated versions of the papers presented at a two-and-one-half-day conference entitled Saving: The Challenge for the U.S. Economy, held in Washington, D.C., in October 1989.

part Part One|28 pages

The U.S. Saving Challenge: Policymaker Perspectives

chapter 1|5 pages

U.S. Economic Growth and the National Saving Rate

ByNicholas F. Brady

chapter 2|8 pages

Policy Prescriptions for Raising U.S. Saving

ByMichael J. Boskin

chapter 3|8 pages

U.S. Fiscal Policy and Saving

ByManuel H. Johnson

chapter 4|5 pages

Lagging U.S. Saving: Threat to U.S. World Leadership

ByPaul A. Volcker

part Part Two|121 pages

U.S. Saving and Investment Rate: Cause for Concern?

chapter 6|25 pages

Domestic and International Consequences of Low U.S. Saving

ByC. Fred Bergsten

chapter 7|36 pages

Investment in Education and U.S. Economic Growth

ByDale W. Jorgenson, Barbara M. Fraumeni

part Part Three|237 pages

Strategies for Increasing U.S. Saving

chapter 8|48 pages

Tax Policies for Increasing Personal Saving

ByCharls E. Walker, Mark A. Bloomfield, Margo Thorning

chapter 9|43 pages

Capital Gains Taxation and the Cost of Capital

ByCharls E. Walker, Mark A. Bloomfield, Margo Thorning

chapter 10|29 pages

Tax Policies for Increasing Business Saving

ByJames M. Poterba

chapter 11|41 pages

The Federal Deficit, National Saving, and Economic Performance

ByJoel L. Prakken

chapter 12|41 pages

Social Security Surpluses: How Will They Be Used?

ByAlicia H. Munnell