This book focuses on the critical issues shaping the bilateral defense relationship of the U.S. and Canada, including the future of ballistic missile defense, the increased deployment of air- and sea-launched cruise missiles, and the growing debate within Canada over security relations with the US.

chapter |16 pages


ByDavid G. Haglund, Joel J. Sokolsky

part Part One|125 pages

Canada, the United States, and Collective Defense

part Part Two|153 pages

North American Defense: Cooperation or Discord?

chapter 6|21 pages

The Permanent Joint Board on Defense, 1940-1988

ByChristopher Conliffe

chapter 7|17 pages

Canada and the Modernization of North American Air Defense

ByJohn Anderson

chapter 8|20 pages

The United States and the Future of North American Air Defense

ByCharles M. Tutwiler

chapter 10|24 pages

Nuclear Submarines for Canada: A Technical Critique

ByS. Mathwin Davis

chapter 11|28 pages

The SSNs and the Question of Nonproliferation

ByDavid G. Haglund

chapter 12|29 pages

Parting of the Waves? The Strategy and Politics of the SSN Decision

ByJoel J. Sokolsky