Sport is both a global business and a vehicle for social inclusion and community development. This book examines key performance areas in sport management that cut across cultural, economic and geographical borders, from both commercial and social justice perspectives.

Written by leading sport management and sport development scholars from around the world, the book highlights international management challenges, suggests appropriate management practices, and raises questions to stimulate further debate. From a commercial sport management perspective it explores key topics including the management of sport communication in an age of digital media, crowd funding in sport, managing government and commercial alliances, and managing power and politics in sport. From a social justice perspective, it examines issues including sport volunteer management, the management of sport for inclusion, and academic partnerships in international sport management.

Offering an authoritative survey of contemporary international sport management, as well as signposts for future research and practice, this is fascinating reading for all students, researchers and practitioners working in sport management or sport development.

part I|164 pages

Commercial perspectives on sport management

chapter 4|18 pages

Crowdfunding in sport management

chapter 6|20 pages

Technology and sport marketing