Academic Labor beyond the College Classroom initiates a scholarly and professional conversation, calling upon faculty to participate in, reimagine, and transform their institutional and professional work to look beyond just teaching and research. Chapters in this contributed volume offer case studies, strategies, and exemplars of how faculty can re-engage in institutional service, mentoring, governance, and administrative duties to advance equity efforts at all levels of the university, calling for what Dr. Nancy Chick names in the Foreword as a "scholarship of influence." This book draws from a diverse range of methodologies and disciplines, issuing an invitation to faculty "across the divide" of their specific college, school, or corner of the university into cross-conversations and partnerships for positive change.

chapter 1|16 pages


Effecting Change Through Service Activism: Redefining Faculty Work in Contemporary Higher Education

part II|2 pages

Looking Forward

chapter 6|15 pages

Better Living Through Policy

Feminist Shared Governance and Equitable Evaluation

chapter 7|17 pages

United Against Sexual Harassment

Building Alliances Between Unions and Sexual Misconduct Victim Advocates

chapter 8|11 pages

Making Space for New Communities

Trans Students at Women’s Colleges

chapter 9|12 pages

Supporting Undocumented Students and Workers on Campus

Lessons from a New Jersey Experiment

part III|2 pages

Looking Outward

chapter 10|16 pages

SoTL and the Gendered Division of Labor on Our Campuses

A Case for More Equity and Change in Professional Values 1

chapter 13|15 pages

Unions’ New Role, Grassroots Leadership in Higher Education

Reflections on a Midwest Public University in Crisis

chapter |5 pages