The Routledge Handbook of Sport History is a new and innovative survey of the discipline of sport history.

Global in scope, it examines the key contemporary issues in sports historiography, sheds light on previously ignored topics, and sets an intellectual agenda for the future development of the discipline. The book explores both traditional and non-traditional methodologies in sport history, and traces the interface between sport history and other fields of research, such as literature, material culture and the digital humanities. It considers the importance of key issues such as gender, race, sexuality and politics to our understanding of sport history, and focuses on innovative ways that the scholarship around these issues is challenging accepted discourses. This is the first handbook to include a full section on Indigenous sport history, a topic that has often been ignored in sport history surveys despite its powerful upstream influence on contemporary sport. The book also reflects carefully on the central importance of sport history journals in shaping the development of the discipline.

This book is an essential reference for any student, researcher or scholar with an interest in sport history or the relationship between sport and society. It will also be fascinating reading for any historians looking for fresh perspectives on contemporary historiography or social and cultural history.

chapter |6 pages


ByMurray G. Phillips, Douglas Booth, Carly Adams

part Part 1|83 pages

History and representing the sporting past

chapter 1|7 pages

History and Representing the Sporting Past

ByDouglas Booth, Carly Adams, Murray G. Phillips

chapter 2|8 pages

Reflexivity in Sport History1

ByMalcolm MacLean

chapter 3|8 pages

The Last Comparative Review of Sport History and Sport Sociology?

ByRichard Pringle

chapter 4|9 pages

Writing Macro and Micro Sport History

ByMike Cronin

chapter 5|9 pages

Sports History and the Challenge of Physical Cultural Studies

ByMark Falcous

chapter 6|7 pages

Narrative/S in Sport History

ByDaniel A. Nathan

chapter 7|8 pages

Expanding Repertoires Inside and Outside the Archives

ByGary Osmond

chapter 8|9 pages

Sport and Material Culture

ByMaureen Smith

chapter 9|8 pages

Why Read Historical Fiction about Sport?

ByAngie Abdou

chapter 10|8 pages

Sport and Activism

ByRussell Field

part Part 2|105 pages

New perspectives on old themes

chapter 11|7 pages

New Perspectives on Old Themes

ByDouglas Booth, Carly Adam, Murray G. Phillips

chapter 12|10 pages

The Origin and Diffusion of Modern Sport

ByS.W. Pope

chapter 13|9 pages

Time, Space, and Sport

ByPeter Donnelly

chapter 14|9 pages

Sport and the Body

ByJaquelyn Osborne, Chelsea Litchfield

chapter 15|8 pages

Sport and Visuality

ByMike Huggins

chapter 16|8 pages

Sport and Politics

ByHeather L. Dichter

chapter 17|8 pages

Sport and International Relations

ByBruce Kidd

chapter 18|9 pages

Sport and Nationalism

ByLiam O’Callaghan

chapter 19|8 pages

Race, Racism, and Racial Entanglements

BySarah Barnes, Mary G. McDonald

chapter 20|11 pages

Sport in Post-Apartheid South Africa

The race to class
ByAshwin Desai

chapter 21|8 pages

Women's Sport History

ByJaime Schultz, Michelle M. Sikes, Cat M. Ariail

chapter 22|8 pages

Troubling Sexuality and Sport

Early histories of queer athletic visibility
ByJudy Davidson

part Part 3|70 pages

Emerging themes

chapter 23|5 pages

Emerging Themes

ByCarly Adams, Douglas Booth, Murray G. Phillips

chapter 24|8 pages

Digital Sport History

History and practice
ByJennifer Guiliano

chapter 25|7 pages

Teaching/Learning Sports History

ByTara Magdalinski

chapter 26|9 pages

Competitive Gaming

ByLu Zhouxiang

chapter 27|7 pages

Sport and Emotion

ByBarbara Keys

chapter 28|8 pages

Sport Heritage

ByGregory Ramshaw

chapter 29|8 pages

Towards New Materialist Sport History

ByHolly Thorpe, Julie Brice, Marianne Clark

chapter 30|8 pages

Deaf and Disability Sport

ByDanielle Peers

chapter 31|8 pages

Sporting Borderlands

ByColin Howel, Daryl Leeworthy

part Part 4|45 pages

Indigenous sport history

chapter 32|6 pages

Indigenous Sport History

ByMurray G. Phillips, Douglas Booth, Carly Adams

chapter 33|4 pages

Settler Colonialism and Sport History

ByMurray G. Phillips

chapter 34|8 pages

Māori and Indigenous Sport Histories

Hero/ine or dupe?
ByBrendan Hokowhitu

chapter 35|8 pages

A Critical Discussion of History and Indigenous Sport in Australia

ByBarry Judd, Gary Osmond

chapter 36|8 pages

Indigenous Sport History in Canada

Past and future considerations
ByChristine O’Bonsawin, Janice Forsyth

chapter 37|9 pages

American Indian Sport History

ByJennifer Guiliano, Beth Eby

part Part 5|75 pages

Sport history journals

chapter 38|8 pages

Sport History Journals

ByMurray G. Phillips, Douglas Booth, Carly Adams

chapter 39|9 pages

Sport History Journals and Neoliberalism

Auditing the subdiscipline
ByMurray G. Phillips

chapter 40|7 pages

Fifty Years of Sport History Review

ByM. Ann Hall

chapter 41|9 pages

The Journal of Sport History

ByAndrew D. Linden, Alison M. Wrynn

chapter 42|5 pages


International Journal of the History of Sport
ByManfred Lämmer, Markwart Herzog

chapter 43|7 pages

The Sport in History Journal

ByDave Day, Kay Schiller

chapter 44|7 pages

The International Journal of the History of Sport 1984–20201

Twenty-four million words and still counting
ByWray Vamplew

chapter 45|7 pages

The History of Sporting Traditions

The Journal of the Australian Society for Sports History
ByRob Hess

chapter 46|7 pages

Materiales Para La Historia Del Deporte

The journal on the History of Sport, a reference for the Latin American world, with international scope
ByTeresa González Aja, Rodrigo Pardo

chapter 47|7 pages

Recorde — Revista de História do Esporte

A Brazilian, Latin-American, Ibero-American journal
ByRafael Fortes, Victor Andrade de Melo

part Part 6|6 pages


chapter 48|4 pages

Sport History

Past, present, future
ByDouglas Booth, Murray G. Phillips, Carly Adams