This ambitious publication draws from the knowledge and expertise of leading international figures in voice training in order to examine the history of the voice from an interdisciplinary perspective.

The book explores the historical arc of various voice training disciplines and highlights significant people and events within the field. It is written by voice specialists from a variety of backgrounds, including singing, actor training, public speaking, and voice science. These contributors explore how voice pedagogy came to be, how it has organized itself as a profession, how it has dealt with challenges, and how it can develop still.

Covering a variety of voice training disciplines, this book will be of interest to those studying voice and speech, as well as researchers from the fields of rhetoric, music and performance. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Voice and Speech Review journal.

chapter |4 pages


The Emergence of a Profession: The History of Voice Pedagogy
ByRockford Sansom

chapter |12 pages

A Historical View of the Pedagogy of Public Speaking

ByErika Bailey

chapter |18 pages

Historical Landmarks in Singing Voice Pedagogy

ByMatthew Hoch

chapter |14 pages

Singing Vocal Pedagogy in the Nineteenth Century Neapolitan School: The Work of Francesco Florimo

ByGiovanna Carugno, Cristina Patturelli

chapter |9 pages

The History of the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA)

ByAdrianne Moore

chapter |6 pages

The Rationale and History of Vocology

ByIngo R. Titze