The book examines ancient religious traditions and modernity in a globalized Asia that is as much in need of a moral compass as it is economic development. Religious education has been an aspect of many societies over time and irrespective of culture. Yet as globalization advances local values are challenged every day by internationalized discourses and global perspectives. It is this context that provides the rationale for this edited book. It seeks to understand what forms religious education takes in Asian contexts and what role it continues to play. On the one hand, the societies which are the subject of this book reflect ancient religious traditions but on the other they are responsible for a significant portion of the world’s economic development.

The book will appeal to researchers interested in the current state of religious education in Asia, policymakers with responsibility for religious education and teachers who practice religious education on a daily basis. 

chapter 1|11 pages

Religion, modernities and education

Contexts for Asia’s religious education
ByKerry J. Kennedy, John Chi-Kin Lee

chapter 2|16 pages

Religious education in China

Religious diversity and citizenship building
ByZhenzhou Zhao, Nazim Aman Hunzai

chapter 4|13 pages

Changing religious education in Hong Kong

Emergence of madrasah learning
ByWai Yip Ho

chapter 5|17 pages

Religious harmony in Singapore schools

Issues and challenges
ByCharlene Tan, Sandra Wu

chapter 6|14 pages

Character education

The future key for developing Indonesian citizens with character
ByTheodorus Pangalila

chapter 7|19 pages

Religion, ideology and education in Thailand

ByThithimadee Arphattananon

chapter 8|15 pages

Leadership quality for an integrated religious school in Malaysia

ByUmi Kalthom Abdul Manaf, Naremah Hameran, Zainal Abidin Talib

chapter 9|15 pages

On the complexities of current religious education in Korea

ByChae Young Kim

chapter 10|24 pages

The mission of evangelization of Catholic educational institutions in the Philippines

Challenges, opportunities and hurdles
ByPilar Isidoro-Romero

chapter 11|18 pages

Religious education in Bangladesh

History, politics and curriculum
ByMiron Kumar Bhowmik, Goutam Roy

chapter |13 pages


Religious education as a regional influence on life and values education in Asia
ByJohn Chi-Kin Lee, Kerry J. Kennedy