Mentalization-Based Treatment for Adolescents (MBT-A) is a practical guide for child and adolescent mental health professionals to help enhance their knowledge, skills and practice.

The book focuses on describing MBT work with adolescents in a practical way that reflects everyday clinical practice. With chapters authored by international experts, it elucidates how to work within a mentalization-based framework with adolescents in individual, family and group settings. Following an initial theoretical orientation embedded in adolescent development, the second part of the book illuminates the MBT stance and technique when working with young people, as well as the supervisory structures employed to sustain the MBT-A therapist. The third part describes applications of MBT-A therapies to support adolescents with a range of presentations.

This book will appeal to therapists working with adolescents who wish to develop their expertise in MBT as well as other child and adolescent mental health professionals.

chapter |8 pages


ByTrudie Rossouw, Maria Wiwe, Ioanna Vrouva

part Section I|32 pages

The concept of ‘mentalization’ and relevant neurobiological changes in adolescence

chapter 1|14 pages

An introduction to mentalizing theory

ByHaiko Jessurun

chapter 2|16 pages

Adolescent brain development and the development of mentalizing

ByPatrick Luyten, Saskia Malcorps, Peter Fonagy

part Section II|64 pages

Clinical practice

chapter 3|14 pages

MBT technique when working with young people

ByTrudie Rossouw

chapter 4|17 pages

The structure of therapy

ByTrudie Rossouw

chapter 5|16 pages

Working with parents and families of adolescents

ByNicole Muller, Holly Dwyer Hall

chapter 6|15 pages

Varifocal vision in a world of storm and stress

Supervising MBT-A practice
ByHolly Dwyer Hall, Maria Wiwe

part Section III|90 pages

Specific applications

chapter 7|16 pages

Working with adolescents who self-harm

ByMaria Wiwe, Trudie Rossouw

chapter 8|13 pages

Working with gender diverse young people and their families

ByIoanna Vrouva, Jason Maldonado-Page, Nicole Muller

chapter 10|15 pages

Working with at-risk mental states in adolescence

ByMark Dangerfield

chapter 11|15 pages

MBT-A group therapy with adolescents with emerging personality disorders

ByNicole Muller, Holly Dwyer Hall

chapter 12|14 pages


ByHaiko Jessurun, Dickon Bevington