Teachers need to be equipped not only to teach, but also to help build mental security and wellbeing into the lives of young people and children. Supporting Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulties in School provides practical, relevant and proven strategies and constructive advice in order to guide teachers in this endeavour, helping them to both understand and overcome the difficulties and generational changes faced by young people and children.

Containing information on topics such as classroom strategies for common issues; first impressions; and how to deal with adults, leadership and tasks such as school trips, this volume presents tried and tested strategies and shares the author’s knowledge when it comes to working in all types of schools, including primary, secondary, and pupil referral units. Not only exploring the strategies, this book also examines the reasons why a situation has arisen, and, for each piece of advice, offers an explanation for why it will work and how it affects our sense of coherence. The book also includes a short introduction to brain development at various ages, exploring the implications for children as they grow and mature, as well as examining how teachers can work with and help children through these developmental stages, assisting teachers in understanding the factors to be aware of when helping students and children develop mental security.

Consolidating an understanding of mental and emotional health issues within children and young people, knowledge about cognitive brain development, and advice on what teachers can do in their classroom to make a difference, this book is essential reading for all teachers.

chapter |4 pages


ByVictor Allen

part 1|17 pages

The brain

chapter Chapter 1|5 pages

The 3Ms and the BASE

ByVictor Allen

chapter Chapter 2|9 pages

An introduction to brain maturation

ByVictor Allen

part 2|57 pages

General strategies for working in primary and secondary schools

chapter Chapter 4|5 pages

Strategies for the start of the year or for a new class

ByVictor Allen

chapter Chapter 5|4 pages

Strategies for understanding and supporting primary school children

ByVictor Allen

chapter Chapter 6|5 pages

Strategies for understanding and supporting teenagers through school

ByVictor Allen

chapter Chapter 7|9 pages

Strategies for supporting students with SEND

BySonia Allen

chapter Chapter 8|6 pages

Strategies for de-escalation, distraction and diversion

ByVictor Allen

chapter Chapter 9|5 pages

Strategies for miscellaneous school activities

ByVictor Allen

chapter Chapter 11|5 pages

Strategies for leadership of other adults

ByVictor Allen

part 3|54 pages

Specific strategies for everyday use

chapter Chapter 12|50 pages

Strategies on specific issues for everyday classroom use

ByVictor Allen

chapter |2 pages

And finally

ByVictor Allen