Sustainable Economy and Emerging Markets provides a snapshot of the different dimensions of sustainability and analyses how they interact and configure themselves, case by case, in selected emerging economies. The parameters of economic growth in developing economies are explored in the context of systems, climate change, and environmental challenges.

With contributions from a range of business academics, economists, and practitioners, this book conveys a picture of the complex nature of the new global business environment, especially the geopolitical dynamics of emerging countries, and breaks down the challenges across geographic fault lines, offering insights into current business practice. By adopting an in-depth case study approach, this edited book offers and discusses examples from several emerging markets and elucidates how these organisations have modelled business based on sustainable development in its various forms.

This book will prove valuable reading for students and scholars of international business, international trade, sustainability, and development.

chapter |10 pages


Sustainable economy and emerging markets

part II|2 pages

chapter 5|14 pages

A tale of two debt crises

The IMF and the unsustainable development of Ghana

chapter 6|20 pages

Political economy of Small-to-Medium Enterprise (SME) Finance

Lessons from Root Capital

chapter 7|22 pages

Perspectives on governance and development of sustainable economy

Institutional policies, challenges, and scenarios in Kenya

chapter 8|20 pages

Democracy, sustainability, and economic growth

The case of Bangladesh’s garment industry

part III|2 pages

chapter 10|12 pages

Green innovation in South Asia’s clothing industry

Issues and challenges

chapter 12|13 pages

Innovative business models towards sustainability

Specificities and challenges on the Russian market

chapter 13|17 pages

E-waste and sustainability in a changing environment

A Behavioural Economics approach

chapter |3 pages


Many paths to sustainability, an underlying philosophy