This edited volume draws upon Lacanian psychoanalytic theory to examine the conscious and unconscious forces underlying race as a social formation, conceptualizing race, racial identity, and racism in ways that go beyond traditional modes of psychoanalytic thought.

Featuring contributions by Lacanian scholars from diverse geographical and disciplinary contexts, chapters span a wide breadth of topics, including white nationalism and contemporary debates over confederate monuments; emergent theories of race rooted in Afropessimism and postcolonialism; analyses of racism in apartheid and American slavery; clinical reflections on Latinx and other racialized patients; and applications of Lacan’s concepts of the lamella, drive and sexuation to processes of racialization. The collection both reorients readers’ understandings of race through its deployment of Lacanian theory and redefines the Lacanian subject through its theorizing of subjectivity in relation to race, racism and racial identification.

Lacan and Race will be a definitive text for psychoanalytic theorists and contemporary scholars of race, appealing to readers across the fields of psychology, cultural studies, humanities, politics, and sociology.

chapter |16 pages

Introduction: theorizing race, racism, and racial identification

BySheldon George, Derek Hook

part Part I|86 pages

Reading racism through Lacan

part Part II|60 pages

Racial identification and the subversion of race

chapter 6|16 pages

In medium race: traversing the fantasy of post-race discourse

ByJennifer Friedlander

chapter 8|17 pages

Raced group pathologies and cultural sublimation

ByMolly Anne Rothenberg

part Part III|76 pages

Race and the clinic

chapter 9|18 pages

Race, perversion, and jouissance in Portrait of Jason

BySheila L. Cavanagh

chapter 10|22 pages

The lost souls of the barrio: Lacanian psychoanalysis in the Ghetto

ByPatricia Gherovici

chapter 11|18 pages

Dereliction: Afropessimism, anti-blackness, and Lacanian psychoanalysis

ByKareen Malone, Tiara Jackson

part Part IV|66 pages

Theorizing the racialized Lacanian subject

chapter 15|15 pages

Fanon's “zone of nonbeing”: Blackness and the politics of the Real

ByGautam Basu Thakur

chapter |6 pages

Afterword: there is only one race…

ByKalpana R. Seshadri