This volume combines insights from secular sexuality education, trauma studies, and embodiment to explore effective strategies for teaching sexuality and religion in colleges, universities, and seminaries.

Contributors to this volume address a variety of sexuality-related issues including reproductive rights, military prostitution, gender, fidelity, queerness, sexual trauma, and veiling from the perspective of multiple religious faiths. Christian, Jewish, and Muslim scholars present pedagogy and classroom strategies appropriate for secular and religious institutional contexts. By foregrounding a combination of "perspective transformation" and "embodied learning" as a means of increasing students’ appreciation for the varied social, psychological, theological and cultural contexts in which attitudes to sexuality develop, the volume posits sexuality as a critical element of teaching about religion in higher education.

This book will be of great interest to graduate and postgraduate students, researchers, academics, and libraries in the fields of Religious Studies, Religious Education, Gender & Sexuality, Religion & Education, and Sociology of Religion.

chapter |13 pages


ByDarryl W. Stephens, Kate Ott

part I|45 pages

Pedagogical Lenses

chapter |13 pages

Embodied Learning Through Pedagogical Promiscuity

ByMichelle Mary Lelwica

chapter 2|14 pages

Trauma-Sensitive Pedagogy

ByStephanie M. Crumpton

part II|63 pages

Instruction About Religion (Religious Studies)

chapter 4|12 pages

A Transnational Feminist Pedagogy of War, Peace, and Sexuality

ByKeun-joo Christine Pae

chapter 5|13 pages

Countering Colonial Assumptions About Veils, Sexuality, and Islam

ByAmy L. Defibaugh, Brett Krutzsch

chapter 6|11 pages

Toward a Critical Teaching Method of Islamic Genders and Sexualities

ByAmanullah De Sondy

chapter 7|10 pages

“Uses of the Erotic” for Teaching Queer Studies

ByThelathia “Nikki” Young

chapter 8|15 pages

Cross-Cultural Teaching About Abortion and Religion

ByMichelle McGowan, Michal Raucher

part III|59 pages

Religious Instruction (Theological Education)

chapter 9|17 pages

A Spiritually Integrative Digital Pedagogy

ByCarrie Doehring, Rubén Arjona

chapter 10|13 pages

Role Play in Jewish Pastoral Education

ByMychal Springer

chapter 11|12 pages

Equipping Teachers of Sexual Ethics in Faith Communities

ByBoyung Lee

chapter 12|15 pages

Testing the Spirits Through Critical Fidelity in the Classroom

ByPatricia Beattie Jung

part IV|34 pages

Institutional Support for Teaching and Learning

chapter 13|15 pages

The Integrative Challenge of Professional Sexual Ethics in Theological Education

ByDarryl W. Stephens, Patricia Beattie Jung

chapter 14|17 pages

Faculty Workshop on Teaching Sexuality and Religion

ByDarryl W. Stephens