The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Education identifies and confronts key ethical issues generated over years of AI research, development, and deployment in learning contexts. Adaptive, automated, and data-driven education systems are increasingly being implemented in universities, schools, and corporate training worldwide, but the ethical consequences of engaging with these technologies remain unexplored. Featuring expert perspectives from inside and outside the AIED scholarly community, this book provides AI researchers, learning scientists, educational technologists, and others with questions, frameworks, guidelines, policies, and regulations to ensure the positive impact of artificial intelligence in learning.

chapter |19 pages


part I|125 pages

Introduction to Part I

chapter 1|22 pages

Learning to learn differently

chapter 2|27 pages

Educational research and AIED

Identifying ethical challenges

chapter 3|17 pages

AI in education

An opportunity riddled with challenges

part II|135 pages

Introduction to Part II