This edited collection draws together the latest thinking, research and practical case studies related to classroom interaction at internationalised universities.

Through evidence-based approaches which involve the analysis of and reflection on classroom interaction practices, this book examines issues related to classroom interaction in disciplinary higher education contexts, whilst addressing the question of how teachers and students can develop their ability in orchestrating and taking part in classroom interaction.

Covering topics such as classroom interactional competence, ‘silent’ students, interaction and integration in multicultural classes, social factors in classroom talk, group interaction, oracy development and anti-bullying interventions, this title is ideal reading for postgraduate students, teacher trainers in higher education, scholars and researchers and anyone interested in higher education pedagogy and its development.

part I|68 pages

Theoretical considerations

chapter 1|10 pages

Overview of classroom interaction

Definitions, models, practices and challenges
ByMarion Heron, Doris Dippold

chapter 3|14 pages

Pedagogical renewal

Promoting a dialogic pedagogy in the internationalised 21st-century higher education
ByJan Hardman

chapter 4|16 pages

The problem with silent students

It’s us not them
ByLee-Ann Sequeira

chapter 5|14 pages

Global competencies and classroom interaction

Implications for student and staff training
ByHelen Spencer-Oatey, Daniel Dauber

part II|66 pages

Classroom interaction and disciplinary contexts

chapter 6|9 pages

Classroom interaction

Disciplinary contexts
ByDoris Dippold, Marion Heron

chapter 7|17 pages

Scaffolding peer interaction within a language-and-content integrated business curriculum

A case study in a western Canadian university
ByBong-gi Sohn, Valia Spiliotopoulos

chapter 8|13 pages

Challenges faced by transnational education students in advanced STEM practical classes

ByPhilippa Cranwell, Daguo Li, Elizabeth M. Page, Karin Whiteside, Aaron Woodcock

chapter 9|13 pages

Spotlights on ‘practiced’ language policy in the internationalised university

ByQi Chen, Florence Bonacina-Pugh

chapter 10|12 pages

We (don’t) need to talk

Communication among international students in group projects
ByJill Doubleday

part III|69 pages

Classroom interaction: Interventions and reflections

chapter 11|6 pages

Developing practice through intervention

ByMarion Heron, Doris Dippold

chapter 12|13 pages

Dialogic interaction in the higher education classroom

A Philosophy for Children (P4C) approach
ByFufy Demissie

chapter 13|13 pages

Implementing a dialogic pedagogy in university seminar-based teaching

ByBenjamin Poore

chapter 14|15 pages

Reflecting on the cultural assumptions we bring to teaching

One strategy for improving classroom interaction
ByJane G. Bell, Jane Richardson

chapter 15|12 pages

An experiment in how to teach strategies for effective classroom interaction

Are we getting it right?
ByElizabeth Long

chapter 16|8 pages


Taking classroom interaction forward
ByDoris Dippold, Marion Heron