The introduction of digital technology to video use has opened up new opportunities for raising the quality of teaching and learning. This book provides the first integrated account of how digital video can be used to develop teaching competence. It shows not only how using video can help teachers move towards more dialogic forms of teaching and learning, but also how such change benefits pupils’ learning and behaviour.

Based on extensive literature reviews this book provides an overview of "visual teacher learning" and summarises what is known about instructional improvements that teachers can achieve by engaging in it. These reviews and the author’s empirical studies explain the activities, processes and organisational conditions needed for implementing visual teacher learning in teacher education and professional development.

The book concludes with practical resources for practitioners incorporating the lessons drawn from theory and research.

chapter 1|36 pages


ByNiels Brouwer

chapter 2|86 pages

Imaging teacher learning

From analog to digital
ByNiels Brouwer

chapter 3|49 pages

Changing instruction through Visual Teacher Learning

ByNiels Brouwer

chapter 4|28 pages

The power of video feedback with structured viewing guides

ByNiels Brouwer, Eric Besselink, Ida Oosterheert

chapter 5|12 pages

In search of effective guidance for preservice teachers' viewing of classroom video

ByNiels Brouwer, Fokelien Robijns

chapter 6|86 pages

Activating learners

The impact of peer coaching with video on teaching and learning
ByNiels Brouwer, Harmen Schaap

chapter 7|26 pages

The production of classroom video

ByNiels Brouwer

chapter 8|12 pages

Using video for activating instruction

ByNiels Brouwer

chapter 9|15 pages

Resources for practitioners

ByNiels Brouwer