How Compassion can Transform our Politics, Economy, and Society draws together experts across disciplines – ranging from psychology to climate science, philosophy to economics, history to business – to explore the power of compassion to transform politics, our society, and our economy.

The book shows that compassion can be used as the basis of a new political, economic, and social philosophy as well as a practical tool to address climate breakdown, inequality, homelessness, and more. Crucially, it also provides a detailed plan for its execution. It marks the first time that the study of compassion has been applied across multiple disciplines.

The book provides a template for the study of compassion on an interdisciplinary basis and will appeal to academics, professionals, and the general reader searching for a fresh and inspiring approach to the seemingly intractable problems facing the world.

chapter |4 pages



part I|65 pages

The background to compassion

chapter Chapter One|32 pages

The science of compassion

ByPaul Gilbert

chapter Chapter Two|8 pages

The history of compassion

ByBarbara Taylor

chapter Chapter Three|10 pages

The philosophy of compassion

ByA. C. Grayling

chapter Chapter Four|13 pages

Hate and compassion

ByMarina Cantacuzino

part II|135 pages

The manifesto for compassion

chapter Chapter Five|17 pages


ByHenry Richards

chapter Chapter Six|15 pages


ByMark Maslin, Simon L. Lewis

chapter Chapter Seven|18 pages


ByJoe Sim

chapter Chapter Eight|13 pages


ByJulian Baggini

chapter Chapter Nine|14 pages


ByDanny Dorling

chapter Chapter Ten|17 pages


ByAla Sirriyeh

chapter Chapter Eleven|19 pages


ByPragna Patel

chapter Chapter Twelve|15 pages

Social Security

ByFrances Ryan

part III|31 pages

How we get there

chapter Chapter Thirteen|14 pages

Beyond right and wrong

ByJennifer Nadel

chapter Chapter Fourteen|15 pages

Compassion in politics

ByMatt Hawkins