First published in 1986.  A collection of studies on Black America from 1985 to 1986 inclsuing the economic status, classes, political policies, housing, education and civil rights.   Includes a population chart of American Blacks from 1980 to 1984.

chapter |21 pages

Economic Status of Blacks 1985

ByDavid Swinton

chapter |20 pages

Equity and Excellence: An Educational Imperative

ByCharles D. Moody

chapter |22 pages

The Black Middle Class: Past, Present and Future

ByRobert B. Hill

chapter |20 pages

Teenage Pregnancy: The Implication for Black Americans

ByJoyce A. Ladner

chapter |29 pages

Political Choices: A Realignment in Partisanship Among Black Voters?

ByDianne M. Pinderhughes

chapter |1 pages

Prologue to a Debate

U.S. Social Policy: Obstacle or Opportunity for Disadvantaged Americans?

chapter |10 pages

The Case for Social Policy

ByBernard E. Anderson

chapter |12 pages

Betond Civil Rights

ByGlenn C. Loury

chapter |7 pages

Conclusion and Recommendations

chapter |30 pages

Chronology of Events 1985*