Few areas in American life have experienced as profound a change in structure and mission as religion in this epoch of women's struggle for complete equality and integration. Until recently, few studies have attempted the sort of empirical and theoretical integration that reveals the magnitude of this shift in basic roles, attitudes and participation in church life. The author has assembled a well-designed and carefully defined volume to give the reader a solid, empirical look at this revolution in religious practice and belief. It also provides an insight into the sharp differences in opinions among women involved in religion: the degree to which women change the structure if liturgy or simply partake of traditions from which they were formally excluded; the extend to which women increase church involvement in social issues or retain a classical orientation to preaching; the extent to which gender has an impact on everything from interpersonal relations of clergy with laity to preaching orientations

part one|92 pages

Women in Religion

chapter 1|11 pages

Gender and Ministry Style: Things Not What They Seem

ByEdward C. Lehman

chapter 4|8 pages

Rabbis and Ministers: Women of the Book and the Cloth

ByRita J. Simon, Angela J. Scanlan, Pamela S. Nadell

chapter 5|21 pages

Men Helping Women: A Monastic Case Study*

ByPenny S. Gold

part two|98 pages

Women's Experiences with Religion

chapter 10|15 pages

Women and the Charismatic Community: Defining the Attraction *

BySue Marie Wright

chapter 11|14 pages

Political Activism and Feminist Spirituality*

ByNancy J. Finley