This book develops and articulates a new perspective on the relationship between natural resources and development by foregrounding issues of innovation, knowledge, and industrial dynamics.

Despite growing academic attention to the relationship between economic development and natural resources in social sciences, the issue has received rather limited attention in the field of Innovation Studies. This is problematic given the centrality of innovation and technological change for growth and development. Against that background, this book makes three contributions. Firstly, it summarizes and synthesizes existing insights about learning and innovation in Natural Resource Based Industries. Secondly, it develops new insights based on original research work. Thirdly, it distils and explains the remaining research challenges in the field.

Containing important insights for researchers, businesses, and policymakers, this book will be useful to all those with an interest in navigating a natural resource based development pathway. This book was originally published as a special issue of Innovation and Development.

chapter |27 pages

Introduction – Innovation in natural resource-based industries

A pathway to development? Introduction to special issue
ByAllan Dahl Andersen, Anabel Marìn, Erlend O. Simensen

chapter 1|29 pages

Sources and contexts of inter-industry differences in technological opportunities

The cases of Argentina and Brazil
ByAnabel Marìn, Sergio Petralia

chapter 2|20 pages

‘Discovery’ of non-traditional agricultural exports in Latin America

Diverging Pathways Through Learning and Innovation
ByMichiko Iizuka, Mulu Gebreeyesus

chapter 3|23 pages

Innovation, natural resource-based activities and growth in emerging economies

The formation and role of knowledge-intensive service firms*
ByGustavo Crespi, Jorge Katz, Jocelyn Olivari

chapter 4|21 pages

Capability creation in the natural resource-based sector

Experiences from Swedish mining
ByCali Nuur, Linda Gustavsson, Staffan Laestadius

chapter 5|22 pages

Innovation and natural resource-based development

Case of natural rubber sector in Kerala, India
ByK. J. Joseph, Namrata Thapa, Olav Wicken

chapter 6|19 pages

The mining sectors in Chile and Norway, ca. 1870–1940

The development of a knowledge gap
ByKristin Ranestad

chapter 7|22 pages

Environmental aspects of natural resource intensive development

The case of agriculture
ByBjörn Johnson, Gert Villumsen