Translation and Multimodality: Beyond Words is one of the first books to explore how translation needs to be redefined and reconfigured in contexts where multiple modes of communication, such as writing, images, gesture, and music, occur simultaneously. Bringing together world-leading experts in translation theory and multimodality, each chapter explores important interconnections among these related, yet distinct, disciplines.

As communication becomes ever more multimodal, the need to consider translation in multimodal contexts is increasingly vital. The various forms of meaning-making that have become prominent in the twenty-first century are already destabilising certain time-honoured translation-theoretic paradigms, causing old definitions and assumptions to appear inadequate. This ground-breaking volume explores these important issues in relation to multimodal translation with examples from literature, dance, music, TV, film, and the visual arts.

Encouraging a greater convergence between these two significant disciplines, this text is essential for advanced students and researchers in Translation Studies, Linguistics, and Communication Studies.

chapter |23 pages


chapter 1|25 pages

Transposing meaning

Translation in a multimodal semiotic landscape

chapter 3|23 pages

Meaning-(re)making in a world of untranslated signs

Towards a research agenda on multimodality, culture, and translation

chapter 4|23 pages

From the “cinema of attractions” to danmu

A multimodal-theory analysis of changing subtitling aesthetics across media cultures

chapter 5|17 pages

Translating “I”

Dante, literariness, and the inherent multimodality of language

chapter 7|21 pages

Translations between music and dance

Analysing the choreomusical gestural interplay in twentieth- and twenty-first-century dance works

chapter 8|19 pages

Writing drawingly

A case study of multimodal translation between drawing and writing

chapter |6 pages

Beyond words

Concluding remarks