This Handbook is the first volume to address the dynamic issues related to sexuality from a social work perspective by providing a comprehensive, current and international overview of issues related to sexuality.

It explains how each issue is important and critically discusses the leading views in the area, providing diverse and inclusive perspectives from leading scholars in the field. Divided into seven parts:

  • Structural Context
  • Sexual Identities
  • Sexuality trough the Lifespan
  • Health, Mental Health, and Sexuality
  • Sexual Health and Well-Being: Pleasure, Desire, and Consent
  • Practice Issues
  • Regulating Sexuality: Historical and Contemporary Legislation

It will be of interest to students, academics, researchers,and practitioners of social work and related health and social care subjects, and is particularly relevant for practice courses as well as courses on Human Growth and Development and Human Behavior in the Social Environment.

part I|34 pages

Structural Context

part II|114 pages

Sexual Identities

chapter 4|19 pages


chapter 5|11 pages

Navigating Genders and Orientations

An Exploration of Bisexuality and Pansexuality

chapter 6|17 pages

Social Work Practice with Sexual Minority Men

History, Terminology, and Social Context

chapter 7|14 pages

Social Work Practice with Sexual Minority Men

A Developmental and Life Course Perspective

chapter 8|16 pages

‘Corrective Rape’ and Black Lesbian Sexualities in South Africa

Negotiating the Tensions between ‘Blackwashing’ and ‘Pinkwashing’ Homophobia

chapter 9|20 pages

Beyond 50 Shades

BDSM and Kink for Social Workers

chapter 10|15 pages

What the Heart Wants

Polyamory, Compersion and Monogamish Arrangements

part III|82 pages

Sexuality Through the Lifespan

chapter 16|14 pages

Intimate Expression during the End of Life

Considerations for Practitioners Working with Sexual and Gender Minority Older Adults

part IV|86 pages

Health, Mental Health, and Sexuality

chapter 17|18 pages

Sexuality and Cancer

chapter 18|18 pages


Autism, Sex, Gender, and Sexuality

chapter 19|16 pages

Sexy Spoonies and Crip Sex

Sexuality and Disability in a Social Work Context

chapter 20|15 pages

A Vision of Justice

Seeing the Sex-ABILITY of People with Intellectual Disabilities

chapter 21|17 pages

Neurodiverse Relationships

When Partners' Brains Are Wired Differently

part V|54 pages

Sexual Health and Well-Being

chapter 23|15 pages

Understanding Consent among Emerging Adults

Wrestling with the Social Construction of Gender, Sexuality, and Salient Social Categories

chapter 24|13 pages

Grab ‘Em by the Pussy

An Exploration of Consent in the #MeToo Era

chapter 25|11 pages

Sexual Violence and The Steps to Recovery

From Reporting to Healing

part VI|110 pages

Practice Issues

chapter 26|16 pages

Sex Therapy

Social Workers' Potential as Sexuality Experts

chapter 28|15 pages

Therapist Self-Disclosure

Use of Self as a Transgender Therapist

chapter 29|17 pages

Somatic Experiencing and Sexuality

Trauma Resolution, Embodied Integration, and Sexual Health

chapter 30|11 pages

Safeguarding Young People in Care

Sexuality and Relationship Education

chapter 32|10 pages

Show Me the Ropes

Common Kink Community Practices

part VII|60 pages

Regulating Sexuality

chapter 34|10 pages

Sexing and Genderizing Policy

Moving Beyond Binaries and Normatives

chapter 36|15 pages

From Fallen Women to the Tumblr Ban

Representing the Landscape of Sex Work from a Historical and Legal Perspective

chapter 37|14 pages

Regulation of Kink and BDSM

Pathologization through Diagnostic Tools