This book presents critical insights and contemporary perspectives for exploring current trends, concerns and prospects of events tourism. It examines modern-day global issues facing the events and tourism industry, policymakers, researchers and academics to advance understanding of practice and development of theory.

Organised in four parts, this book examines how events tourism is designed, planned and delivered. The first part engages with the core, fundamental concepts of events tourism which establish a basic understanding of the field. The second part addresses contemporary issues related to visitor attractions, music festivals, small and user-generated events, wanderlust and entrepreneurship. The third part focuses on meetings and challenges in the conference industry after disasters, the economic impact and other dilemmas of mega-events, and city and destination concerns. The fourth and final part provides a peek into the future of events tourism vis-à-vis reshaping cities, music festivals and critical dilemmas of the 21st century.

With an international appeal because of cross-national contributions, this book will interest events and tourism practitioners, academics, students, researchers, policymakers, and business and investment sector professionals across the globe.

part I|10 pages

Fundamental concepts

chapter 1|8 pages

Events tourism

An overview

part II|111 pages

Contemporary perspectives

part IV|42 pages

The future of events tourism