Gendered Violence at International Festivals is a groundbreaking collection that focusses on this highly important social issue for the first time. Including a diverse range of interdisciplinary studies on the issue, the book contests the widely held notion that festivals are temporal spaces free from structural sexism, inequalities or gender power dynamics. Rather, they are spaces where these concerns are enhanced and enacted more freely and where the experiential environment is used as an excuse or as an opportunity to victim blame and shame.

In this emerging and under-researched area, the chapters not only present original work in terms of topics but also in theoretical and methodological approaches. All of the chapters are cross- or interdisciplinary, drawing on gender, sexualities, cultural and ethnicity studies. Studies from a range of highly regarded academics based around the world examine the subject by looking at examples from a wide range of destinations, including Spain, Argentina, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Australia, Canada and the UK. This significant book progresses understanding and debates about gendered festival experiences and emphasises the symbolic and physical violence often associated with them.

This will be of great interest to, undergraduate and postgraduate students and academics in the field of Events Studies. It will also be of use to practitioners or non-profit workers in the festival industries, including festival management organisations and planning committees.

chapter 1|8 pages

Gendered violence at international festivals

An interdisciplinary perspective
ByLouise Platt, Rebecca Finkel

chapter 2|15 pages

Analysis of the response of the feminist movement and institutional feminism to gender violence in local festivals in northern Spain

The case of the Basque Country
ByMaría Silvestre, Raquel Royo, Estibaliz Linares

chapter 3|15 pages

Fiestas, public space and rape culture. A study of the Wolf Pack 1 case

ByAnna Morero Beltrán, Clara Camps Calvet

chapter 4|15 pages

Sexual violence in Nigerian MusiCultural festivals

Narratives of the unheard victims
ByRichard A. Aborisade

chapter 5|15 pages

Between patriarchy and capitalism

The gendered violence of Intwasa International Arts Festival, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
ByKhanyile Mlotshwa

chapter 6|17 pages

Gender, transgression and sexual violence at Australian music festivals

ByBianca Fileborn, Phillip Wadds, Stephen Tomsen

chapter 7|18 pages

Conceptualising safety and crime at UK music festivals

A gendered analysis
ByHannah Bows, Hannah King, Fiona Measham

chapter 8|15 pages

Gender-based violence amongst music festival employees

ByCassandra Jones

chapter 9|14 pages

Structural disputes

An analysis of infrastructural inequalities in the case study of the Women of the World Festival in Hull (UK) City of Culture 2017
ByBarbara Grabher

chapter 10|14 pages

The green wave!

Resistance in festivals as part of the women empowerment process in Argentina
ByValeria Vegh Weis, Lucía Montenegro

chapter 11|16 pages

The polite cowboy or the wild, wild west

Strategic approaches to reducing gender-based rodeo violence through grassroots civic mobilisation
ByMylynn Felt, Maria Bakardjieva