This book aims to further a debate about aspects of "playing" and "gaming" in connection with history. Reaching out to academics, professionals and students alike, it pursues a dedicated interdisciplinary approach. Rather than only focusing on how professionals could learn from academics in history, the book also ponders the question of what academics can learn from gaming and playing for their own practice, such as gamification for teaching, or using "play" as a paradigm for novel approaches into historical scholarship. "Playing" and "gaming" are thus understood as a broad cultural phenomenon that cross-pollinates the theory and practice of history and gaming alike.

part 1|33 pages

History of Gaming

chapter 1|17 pages

A Quantitative Study of Historical Video Games (1981–2015)

ByYannick Rochat

chapter 2|14 pages

‘The British Empire Would Gain New Strength from Nursery Floors’

Depictions of Travel and Place in Nineteenth-Century British Board Games
ByHolly Nielsen

part 2|67 pages

Gaming in History Education

chapter 4|17 pages

Grand Theft Longboat

Using Video Games and Medievalism to Teach Medieval History
Edited ByKatherine J. Lewis

chapter 5|18 pages

The Great History Conundrum

Could Immersive Games Enhance an Undergraduate ‘Skills’ Course?
ByAlex Moseley

chapter 6|13 pages

Play as a Technique for History in Higher Education

Edited ByPat Cullum

part 3|28 pages

Computer Games and Public History

chapter 7|14 pages

The Heritage Game

ByLuke Holmes

chapter 8|12 pages

Respawning the Past

ByRobert Whitaker

part 4|55 pages

Reflections on Gaming and History

chapter 9|22 pages

Playing Against the Past?

Representing the Play Element of Historical Cultures in Video Games
ByAdam Chapman

chapter 10|15 pages

Fantasies of Control

Modding for Ethnic Violence and Nazi Fetishism in Historical Strategy Games
ByAndrew J. Salvati

chapter 11|16 pages

Charlemagne at the Battle of Gettysburg

Video Games and the Middle Ages
ByAndrew B. R. Elliott

part 5|53 pages

Fan Cultures of Historic Games

chapter 12|15 pages

History, Fandom, and Online Game Communities

ByNick Webber, E. Charlotte Stevens

chapter 13|24 pages

Ye Olde FAQ

The Darklands Game, Immersiveness and Fan Fiction
Edited ByAlexander von Lünen

chapter 14|12 pages

Arnold Hendrick on Darklands

ByMatt Barton, Arnold J. Hendrick

part 6|44 pages

‘Accuracy’ in Computer Games

chapter 15|12 pages

Shooting for Accuracy

Historicity and Video Gaming
ByLisa Traynor, Jonathan Ferguson

chapter 16|12 pages

Modern Warfare

Call of Duty, Battlefield, and the World Wars
ByChris Kempshall

chapter 17|18 pages

‘Man Spielt Nicht Mit Hakenkreuzen!’

Imaginations of the Holocaust and Crimes Against Humanity During World War II in Digital Games
ByEugen Pfister