This multi-volume reset collection will addresses significant shortfall in scholarly work, offering contemporary reviews of the work of Romantic women writers to a wider audience.

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English Review

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Gentleman’s Magazine, 1789–91: The Seward–Weston Debate

Introduction: Women Reviewing and Reviewed – Contextualizing Anna Seward’s Debates with Joseph Weston
ByCatherine S. Blackwell

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Gentleman’s Magazine

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Textual Notes

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Contents by Magazine

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Appendices to Volumes 1–3

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Appendix A

Common Articles
Edited ByJames Ola, Frances Brooke, Susanna Maria Cibber, Hannah Cowley, Ann Emelinda Foster, Dorothy Schlözer

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Appendix B

Editorial Notes To Volumes 1–3
Edited ByAnn R. Hawkins

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Appendix C

Translations of Foreign Words and Phrases

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Appendix D

Quotations And Allusions

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Appendix E

Magazine Headnotes
ByMiles A. Kimball

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Appendix F

Headnotes to Authors in Reviews
ByStephanie Eckroth

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Appendix G

Headnotes to Authors Referenced
ByStephanie Eckroth

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Appendix H

Attributions And Identifications
ByStephanie Eckroth

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Appendix I

List of Reviews Indexed But Not Included

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Appendix J

Works Cited

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