Thomas De Quincey (1785-1859) is considered one of the most important English prose writers of the early-19th century. This is the final part of a 21-volume set presenting De Quincey's work, also including previously unpublished material.

part |219 pages

Articles from Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, 1844–5

part |200 pages

Articles from Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine, 1845–6

part |211 pages

Manuscript Transcripts

chapter |12 pages

[The Corn Laws]

chapter |4 pages

[Political Economy]

chapter |9 pages

[Fragments, 1843]

chapter |14 pages

[Fragments, 1844]

chapter |13 pages


chapter |21 pages

[‘Affghanistan’, drafts]

chapter |6 pages

[Evil – Mythus]

chapter |11 pages


chapter |5 pages

[Pagan Mythology]

chapter |1 pages

[John Foster]1

chapter |3 pages

[Aristotle and Euclid]