This book tells the story of how the convergence between corporate sustainability and sustainable investing is now becoming a major force driving systemic market changes. The idea and practice of corporate sustainability is no longer a niche movement. Investors are increasingly paying attention to sustainability factors in their analysis and decision-making, thus reinforcing market transformation.

In this book, high-level practitioners and academic thought leaders, including contributions from John Ruggie, Fiona Reynolds, Johan Rockström, and Paul Polman, explain the forces behind these developments. The contributors highlight (a) that systemic market change is influenced by various contextual factors that impact how sustainable investing is perceived and practiced; (b) that the integration of ESG factors in investment decisions is impacting markets on a large scale and hence changes practices of major market players (e.g. pension funds); and (c) that technology and the increasing datafication of sustainability act as further accelerators of such change.

The book goes beyond standard economic theory approaches to sustainable investing and emphasizes that capitalism founded on more real-world (complex) economics and cooperation can strengthen ESG integration. Aimed at both investment professionals and academics, this book gives the reader access to more practitioner-relevant information and it also discusses implementation issues. The reader will gain insights into how "mainstream" financial actors relate to sustainable investing.

chapter 1|14 pages

Sustainable investing

A path to a new horizon
ByHerman Bril, Georg Kell, Andreas Rasche

part part I|114 pages

The changing context of sustainable investing

chapter 2|27 pages

Business and sustainability, from the firm to the biosphere

BySimon Levin, Martin Reeves, Ania Levina

chapter 3|21 pages

Renewing markets from within

How businesses and the investment community can drive transformational change
ByGeorg Kell, Andreas Rasche

chapter 4|21 pages

Good governance

Navigating on purpose and complexity-based principles
ByTheo Kocken, Stefan Lundbergh

chapter 5|19 pages

The end of the beginning

Next-generation responsible investment
ByFiona Reynolds, Nathan Fabian, Rory Sullivan

chapter 6|20 pages

Planetary boundaries

A compass for investing for the common good
ByJohan Rockström, Almut Beringer, Beatrice Crona, Owen Gaffney, Daniel Klingenfeld

part part II|95 pages

Rethinking sustainable finance and leadership

chapter 7|20 pages

Navigating the ESG world 1

ByPatrick Bolton, Simon Levin, Frédéric Samama

chapter 8|21 pages

A new age for responsible banking 1

ByEric Usher

chapter 9|17 pages

Corporate purpose in play

The role of ESG investing 1
ByJohn G. Ruggie

chapter 11|13 pages

Embedding values and principles 1

ByMark Moody-Stuart

part part III|60 pages

Sustainable investing, technology, and data

chapter 12226|17 pages

ESG and AI

The beauty and the beast of sustainable investing
ByOmar Selim

chapter 13|17 pages

FutureMakers and climate 
change modelling

Method to the madness
ByHelga Birgden

chapter 14|22 pages

Data defense in sustainable investing

ByAshby Monk, Marcel Prins, Dane Rook

part part IV|79 pages

Accelerating transformational change

chapter 15|15 pages

Investing sustainably

Transforming assets owners from 
sayers to doers
ByKeith Ambachtsheer

chapter 16|26 pages

Building a balanced and scalable strategic asset allocation to meet financial and ESG impact goals 1

ByKaren Karniol-Tambour, Carsten Stendevad, Daniel Hochman, Jacob Davidson, Brian Kreiter

chapter 17|27 pages

The imperative of sustainable investing for asset owners

ByHerman Bril

chapter 18|7 pages

Sustainable investing

Shaping the future of theory and practice
ByHerman Bril, Georg Kell, Andreas Rasche