In this practical workbook, creativity coaches from around the world share their best exercises to help the reader meet the demands of the creative process, the creative personality, and the creative life.

This book is packed with an extensive list of exercises that have been vetted by coaches working on the frontlines of creativity, and tried, tested, and proven effective with coaching clients. The hands-on activities cover a wide range of common challenges, including creative blocks and resistance, waning and lost motivation, making time for creating, the pain of disappointment, and more. This guide recognizes the connections between mental health and an alive creativity, and includes helpful advice from professionals who actively and regularly work with individual creatives on issues of process, productivity, motivation and career.

Ideal for coaches and therapists, as well as creatives in every discipline, this book is a valuable aid for achieving creative realization.

chapter 1|3 pages

Your Master Project List

chapter 4|3 pages

Creative Geometry

chapter 5|3 pages

A Birthday Present for the Muse

chapter 6|3 pages


Embracing and Utilizing Liminality

chapter 8|4 pages

Discomfort as Creative Fuel

chapter 9|3 pages

Seeing Is Believing

chapter 10|3 pages

Intention, Action, Reflection

chapter 11|3 pages

Don’t Solve the Problem

chapter 13|3 pages

Create Your Essence List

chapter 14|3 pages

Making a Space

chapter 15|3 pages

Problem-Solving Against the Clock

chapter 16|3 pages

Relaxed, Determined, Forward

chapter 17|3 pages

The Confidence Shop Visualization

chapter 18|3 pages

Peace Treaty

A Dialogue Between the Critical Voice and the Creative Voice

chapter 19|3 pages

Character Activation

chapter 20|3 pages

Persona Mapping

chapter 21|3 pages

The Evening Review

chapter 22|3 pages

Move Yourself!

chapter 23|3 pages

Feeling Your Way to Creativity

chapter 24|3 pages

Tapping to Relieve Performance Anxiety

How to Rewire Your Nervous System and Affirm Self-Love and Self-Acceptance

chapter 25|4 pages

The Sense Awareness Ritual

How Mindfulness Helps You Create

chapter 26|3 pages

Creative Boxes

chapter 29|3 pages

Into the Scene

chapter 30|3 pages


Sacred But Nothing Special

chapter 31|3 pages

Just Five Words

chapter 32|3 pages

The Creative Zone

chapter 33|3 pages


chapter 34|4 pages

Ambition Without Grandiosity

chapter 35|3 pages

This, Not That, More, and Less

chapter 36|3 pages

Draw Your Way Forward

chapter 37|3 pages

A Haiku a Day

Creative Mindfulness to Break Blocks

chapter 38|3 pages

Ask Your Muse

chapter 39|3 pages

Dance Your Heart Out

chapter 40|3 pages

Creating Bridging Rituals

chapter 41|3 pages

Alphabet to the Rescue

chapter 42|4 pages

Imagine, Create, Transform

chapter 44|3 pages

N.A.I.L. Freedom

chapter 45|3 pages

Flip It!

chapter 46|3 pages

Symbolic Visualization for Creatives

chapter 47|3 pages

Fused Creative Blocks

chapter 49|3 pages

Mind-Movie Muse

chapter 51|3 pages

Symbols of the Season

chapter 52|3 pages

Creative Alchemy

chapter 53|3 pages

Freedom Within Form