International Family Therapy brings the international plane and its emphasis on the global community of states to systemic family therapy.

Informed by a coherent, multilateral perspective, each chapter covers a specific topic, including: discussions on the basis of state sovereignty and the role of international human rights law; the concept of human security and psychosocial risk to vulnerable populations; and the international economics and trade of public mental health initiatives for families across the globe. Written in an accessible style and peppered with vignettes and descriptive case examples, the text encourages the reader to better understand and implement family systems approaches from the perspective of the international system, with a focus on cultural considerations and best practice throughout.

Combining key theoretical tenets of family therapy and essential knowledge of international relations relevant to global mental health, International Family Therapy is an essential guide for family therapy practitioners interested in working internationally.

part I|66 pages

Desk Work and Preparation

chapter 1|8 pages

Multilateral Family Therapy

An Introduction and an Overview
ByLaurie L. Charlés

chapter 2|13 pages

Families, States, and Self-Determination

ByLaurie L. Charlés

chapter 3|13 pages

International Human Rights Law and the Community of States

ByLaurie L. Charlés

chapter 5|10 pages

A Review of Best Practices and International Standards

ByLaurie L. Charlés

chapter 6|11 pages

Reflecting on Intervention

Moral Hazards of Multilateral Work
ByLaurie L. Charlés

part II|63 pages

On the Ground and in the Field

chapter 7|12 pages

“We Don’t Think of Our Children as Soldiers”

Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Former Child Soldiers in a Region of East Africa
ByLaurie L. Charlés

chapter 8|11 pages

Bargaining for the Future

Family Identity and State-Citizen Relational Process in Post-War Kosovo
ByLaurie L. Charlés

chapter 10|17 pages

Frontline Responses to “Build Back Better” During Two Public Health Emergencies of International Concern

Guinea during the 2014 Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic and Massachusetts at the Start of the Covid-19 Pandemic
ByLaurie L. Charlés

chapter 11|11 pages

Family Therapy Training in a Multilateral Project

The Transformative Process of a 3D Role-Play in Beirut
ByLaurie L. Charlés

part III|44 pages

Debrief and Reintegration

chapter 12|8 pages

Leaving Home

Desk Work and Preparation
ByLaurie L. Charlés

chapter 13|8 pages

Safety and Risk Mitigation

At Home and in the Field
ByLaurie L. Charlés

chapter 14|12 pages

Leading from the Edge and Leading from the Center

Working in International Teams
ByLaurie L. Charlés

chapter 15|14 pages

Training the Next Generation of Skilled International Family Therapist

ByLaurie L. Charlés, Florence Lewis, Dorcas Matowe, Melissa Yzaguirre, Safia Jama