The second edition of Leadership for Increasingly Diverse Schools helps both practicing and aspiring school leaders deepen their knowledge, skills, and dispositions to create schools that best serve all students. This book helps readers sharpen their awareness of how students’ multiple dimensions of diversity intersect, as well as develop strategies for working with students of all socioeconomic statuses, races, religions, sexual orientations, languages, and special needs. Leadership for Increasingly Diverse Schools provides school leaders with the theory, research, and practical guidance to foster teaching and learning environments that promote educational equity and excellence for all students.

Special features:

  • Each chapter focuses on a specific dimension of diversity and discusses intersectionality across other areas of difference, including ability/disability, linguistic diversity, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender, religion, and social frontiers.
  • Chapters synthesize literature, share practical strategies and tools, include school-level and district-level cases illustrating inclusive leadership, and provide extended learning opportunities.
  • Online eResources features additional resources, documents, and links to specific tools described in the chapters, accessible at www.routledge.com/9780367404604.

chapter Chapter 1|16 pages


Intersectionality in Educational Leadership
ByMartin Scanlan, George Theoharis

chapter Chapter 2|40 pages

Inclusive Leadership and Disability

ByGeorge Theoharis, Julie Causton, Casey Woodfield, Sara Scribner

chapter Chapter 3|24 pages

Inclusive Leadership and Poverty

ByCurt Dudley-Marling, Anne Dudley-Marling

chapter Chapter 4|28 pages

Inclusive Leadership and Race

BySonya Douglass Horsford, Phillip A. Smith, Christine Clark

chapter Chapter 5|26 pages

Inclusive Leadership and Multilingual Learners

ByAngela Cruze, Steve Holmes, Francesca López, Isabel Kelsey, Carmen Campuzano

chapter Chapter 6|28 pages

Inclusive Leadership and LGBTQ Students

ByFrank Hernandez, Judy Alston, Don Fraynd

chapter Chapter 7|32 pages

Inclusive Leadership and Gender

ByMargaret Grogan, Shamini Dias

chapter Chapter 8|32 pages

Inclusive Leadership and Religion

ByJoanne M. Marshall, Tyson E. J. Marsh

chapter Chapter 9|32 pages

Inclusive Leadership on the Social Frontiers

Family and Community Engagement
ByMartin Scanlan, Lauri Johnson

chapter Chapter 10|14 pages

The Equity Audit as the Core of Leading

ByColleen A. Capper, Michelle D. Young, Elise Frattura