This wide-ranging book explores the impact of marketization on the creative industries. With critical perspectives from a variety of disciplines and global experts, numerous examples from international cultural institutions are employed to illuminate the topic.

Culture and business have become increasingly intertwined, and cultural institutions need to be aware of their place in the market. Commercial awareness, which was previously disparaged, is now seen as a legitimate and necessary response to increased competition, enhancing experience, increasing accessibility, broadening inclusivity and sustainable futures with diminishing funding. The contributions to this book highlight that marketing, public relations, sponsorship and fundraising have become integral to the survival of many museums, galleries and events.

Of interest to students and scholars across topics such as arts marketing, arts administration, heritage marketing and museum studies, the book is also insightful for reflective practitioners in the creative sector.

chapter |15 pages


part I|61 pages

Marketization of cultural institutions

chapter 2|12 pages

High-End Contemporary Art

Art for art’s sake or art for mart’s sake?

chapter 3|15 pages

The Marketization of Regional Film Production

A strategy for economic growth

chapter 4|17 pages

Between Market and Culture

The case of the Gothenburg Book Fair

part II|73 pages

Market orientation of museums

chapter 7|19 pages

Hip Heritage and Heritage Pasts

Tensions when re-fashioning museum culture

chapter 8|18 pages

Market Orientation as the Epicentre of art Museums

Museum shops, fashion exhibitions and private collections

part III|73 pages

Cultural institutions and marketing tools

chapter 9|15 pages

Sparkling Museums

The marketization of art institutions in the heritage city

chapter 10|18 pages

Country Branding Through the Arts

The role of museums in positioning a nation on the global market

chapter 11|20 pages

Integrated Partnerships in Cultural Sponsorship

The cases of Guggenheim-UBS and MFA Boston-Fleet

chapter 12|18 pages

A History of Cultural Sponsorship in Sweden

A new market in marketing