In the late 1980s, despite the fact that the vast majority of women now had a dual role – in paid work and in the domestic realm – the world of work, the welfare state, and the domestic sphere were all still organized as though women’s place were primarily in the home. Though this contradiction most directly affected women, it had implications for the lives of both sexes, and in a much wider social context.

Women’s changing role had paralleled a major restructuring of the economy but the importance of these changes was barely reflected in contemporary political discussions, or in political science or social policy literature.

In this title, originally published in 1987, articles from women in Italy, France, Denmark, Norway, the US and Britain bring the issues sharply into focus. Applying fresh perspectives, they widen and enrich the debate. This book marks a powerful contribution to a new and more realistic assessment of women’s dual role in the state and the economy which should be read by all those concerned with the development of women’s issues and with women’s studies.

part One|1 pages

The Modern State and Contemporary Society – New Insights and New Contradications

part Two|1 pages

Inside and Outside the Home: Women’s Experience and the Transformation of Public and Private

chapter 6|16 pages

Division of family labour and gender identity

ByChiara Saraceno

chapter 7|28 pages

On the rationality of caring

ByKari Waerness

chapter 8|20 pages

The circular trap: women and part-time work

ByVicki Smith