Reporting on the findings from a study of young people across 11 different world locations (Australia, Mainland China, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, The Philippines, Poland, Spain, and Taiwan), A Global Perspective of Young Adolescents’ Peer Aggression and Well-being looks beyond bullying to assess the harm to mental health and well-being of young people experiencing peer aggression in all its forms.

The first book in a global movement that recommends a new dialogue on peer aggression, this book delves into the poorly understood nexus of peer aggression and bullying through the use of statistical data from questionnaires, as well as the students’ own words and illustrations. By considering data from multiple countries, it addresses critical questions about cultural variation in aggression and associated well-being.

Addressing the issue that there is a growing focus on other forms of aggression other than bullying, A Global Perspective of Young Adolescents’ Peer Aggression and Well-being will offer invaluable insight for practicing teachers and school counsellors, as well as any researchers with an interest in the health and well-being of young adolescents.

section 11|2 pages

The study

section 412|2 pages

The global findings

section 933|2 pages

School violence in the South-East Asian Pacific region

section 1935|2 pages

School violence in Europe

chapter 13|15 pages

Peer aggression in Italy

Understanding bullying from an adolescents' point of view

chapter 15|17 pages

Peer aggression and well-being

Spanish secondary schools

section 2556|2 pages