The Importance of Philosophy in Teacher Education maps the gradual decline of philosophy as a central, integrated part of educational studies. Chapters consider how this decline has impacted teacher education and practice, offering new directions for the reintegration of philosophical thinking in teacher preparation and development.

Touching on key points in history, this valuable collection of chapters accurately appraises the global decline of philosophy of education in teacher education programs and seeks to understand the external and endemic causes of changed attitudes towards a discipline which was once assigned such a central place in teacher education. Chapters illustrate how a grounding in the theoretical and ethical dimensions of teaching, learning, and education systems contribute in meaningful ways to being a good teacher, and trace the consequences of a decline in philosophy on individuals’ professional development and on the evolution of the teaching profession more broadly. With this in mind, the text focusses on the future of teacher education and considers how we can ensure that philosophy of education feeds into the excellence of teaching today.

This book will be of great interest to graduate, postgraduate students as well as research scholars in the field of educational philosophy and history of education. In addition, it will be useful for those involved in teacher education, and in particular, course, module and program development.

chapter |11 pages

Editors’ Introduction

ByAndrew D. Colgan, Bruce Maxwell

part I|50 pages

Diagnosis and Prognosis

chapter 1|10 pages

The Decline of Philosophy in Educational Study and Why It Matters

ByRobin Barrow

chapter 2|20 pages

Schools of Education and John Dewey

The End of the Romance?
ByDavid I. Waddington

chapter 3|18 pages

Habermas’s Emancipatory Interest for Teachers

A Critical Philosophical Approach to Teacher Education
ByMatthew J. Hayden

part II|80 pages

Philosophy and Teacher Development

chapter 4|21 pages

Philosophy in Teacher Education

ByLeonard Waks

chapter 5|19 pages

Philosophy for (Thinking) Teachers

ByJanet Orchard, Carrie Winstanley

chapter 6|16 pages

A Problems-Based Approach in Philosophy of Education

ByDianne Gereluk

chapter 7|22 pages

The Contribution of Philosophy to Science Teacher Education

ByMichael R. Matthews

part III|66 pages

Historical Perspectives

chapter 8|20 pages

Philosophy, the Liberal Arts, and Teacher Education

ByDouglas W. Yacek, Bruce Kimball

chapter 9|17 pages

The Value of Educational Foundations in Teacher Education

ByLee S. Duemer

chapter 10|27 pages

Philosophy, Teaching, and Teacher Education at Teachers College, Columbia University

A Program Story
ByDavid T. Hansen, Megan Jane Laverty