Reconsidering the Role of Play in Early Childhood: Towards Social Justice and Equity—a compilation of current play research in early childhood education and care—challenges, disrupts, and reexamines conventional perspectives on play. By highlighting powerful and provocative studies from around the world that attend to the complexities and diverse contexts of children’s play, the issues of social justice and equity related to play are made visible. This body of work is framed by the phenomenological viewpoint that presumes equity is best confronted and improved through developing an expanded understanding of play in its multiple variations and dimensions. The play studies explore the potential and troubles of play in teaching and learning, children’s agency in play, the actual spaces where children play, and different perspectives of play based on identity and culture. The editors invite readers to use the research as an inspiration to reconsider their conceptions of play and to take action to work for a world where all children have access to play.

This book was originally published as a special issue of Early Child Development and Care.

chapter |11 pages

Block play: spatial language with preschool and school-aged children

ByLynn E. Cohen, Janet Emmons

chapter |11 pages

Follow the leader: attending to the curriculum making potential of preschoolers

ByMonica Miller Marsh, Ilfa Zhulamanova

chapter |9 pages

Where is my stuff? Conceptualizing Hip Hop as 'play'

ByAnthony Broughton

chapter |14 pages

Civic action and play: examples from Maori, Aboriginal Australian and Latino communities

ByJennifer Keys Adair, Louise Phillips, Jenny Ritchie, Shubhi Sachdeva

chapter |13 pages

Playing with power: an outdoor classroom exploration*

ByEden Haywood-Bird

chapter |13 pages

Review Article

Rooms with gender: physical environment and play culture in kindergarten
ByHege Eggen Børve, Elin Børve

chapter |9 pages

Parents' perceptions of play: a comparative study of spousal perspectives

ByBarbara G. Warash, Amy E. Root, Meghan Devito Doris

chapter |12 pages

The social Kindergartener: comparing children's perspectives of full- and half-day kindergarten

ByKaitlyn a Heagle, Kristy Timmons, Fabienne Hargreaves, Janette Pelletier

chapter |11 pages

Interpersonal fields of play

BySophie Jane Alcock

chapter |11 pages

Using cross-cultural conversations to contextualize understandings of play: a multinational study

ByZoyah Kinkead-Clark, Charlotte Hardacre