Multiliteracies and Early Years Innovation: Perspectives from Finland and Beyond brings together internationally renowned scholars to investigate and reflect upon the significance of introducing multiliteracies in the education of children (0–8 years old) and the challenge of enhancing professional development opportunities of early years practitioners.

The book brings together curriculum innovation and reform and the changing media ecology of young children's learning lives in a single volume. It provides insights into Finnish early years education in terms of policy, practice, and research with a specific focus on the enhancement of children’s multiliteracies. Case studies from around the world explore co-developing practices between researchers and teachers, the development of communities and the ways in which different classroom interventions draw on new kinds of teacher knowledge.

This book will appeal to academics, researchers, and postgraduate students with an interest in early years education, literacy education, the sociology of digital culture, school reform, teacher education, and comparative education.

chapter Chapter 1|20 pages

Multiliteracies and early years innovation

Perspectives from Finland and beyond
ByKristiina Kumpulainen, Julian Sefton-Green

chapter Chapter 2|21 pages

Early years teachers' work and play with multiliteracies

ByLisa Kervin, Barbara Comber

chapter Chapter 3|19 pages

Finnish teachers making sense of and promoting multiliteracies in early years education

ByHeidi Sairanen, Jonna Kangas, Sara Sintonen

chapter Chapter 5|18 pages

Promoting young children's scientific literacy as a dynamic practice

ByJenni Vartiainen, Kristiina Kumpulainen

chapter Chapter 6|20 pages

Multiliteracies pedagogy promoting young children's ecological literacy on climate change

ByChin-Chin Wong, Kristiina Kumpulainen

chapter Chapter 7|16 pages

Finding a space for a theory of multiliteracies

Librarians, boundary work, and definitions of literacy
ByRebekah Willett

chapter Chapter 8|17 pages

Making the Moomins

A Finnish/English adventure
ByJackie Marsh, Alexandra Nordström, Heidi Sairanen, Minna Shkul

chapter Chapter 9|18 pages

In transition to school

Across vernacular and institutional multiliteracies
ByOla Erstad

chapter Chapter 10|17 pages

Positive affect in young children's multiliteracies learning endeavors

ByAlexandra Nordström, Kristiina Kumpulainen, John Potter

chapter Chapter 11|16 pages

Children's Minecraft multiliteracy practices and learning through peer pedagogies

ByMichael Dezuanni

chapter Chapter 12|7 pages


Future directions of multiliteracies scholarship and practice
ByKristiina Kumpulainen, Julian Sefton-Green