This volume explores the shared expectations that education is a panacea for the difficulties that refugees and their receiving countries face. This book investigates the ways in which education is both a dream solution as well as a contested landscape for refugee families and students. Using comparative, cross-national perspectives across five continents, the editors and contributors critically analyze the educational structures, policies, and practices intended to support refugee youth transition from conflict and post-conflict zones to mainstream classrooms and schools in their new communities.

chapter |23 pages


The Contested Expectations of Education as a Panacea for Refugee Transitions

part 1|130 pages

Global Policy Expectations for Refugees’ Educational Transitions

chapter 2|22 pages

The Educational Response to Syrian Displacement

A Professionalizing Field in a Politicized Environment

part 2|137 pages

Local Adaptations for Refugees’ Educational Transitions

chapter 6|34 pages

Female Refugees’ Transitions Into Higher Education

Comparative Perspectives From Germany, Egypt, and Kyrgyzstan

chapter 7|29 pages

Emergency Education for Rohingya Refugee Children in Bangladesh

An Analysis of the Policies, Practices, and Limitations

chapter 9|26 pages

Teacher Professional Development in Crisis Contexts

Teachers’ Reflections and Stories of Change in Kakuma Refugee Camp