Recent political conflicts signal an increased proliferation of image testimonies shared widely via social media. Although witnessing with and through images is not a phenomenon of the internet era, contemporary digital image practices and politics have significantly intensified the affective economies of image testimonies. This volume traces the contours of these conditions and develops a conception of image testimony along four areas of focus.

The first and second section of this volume reflects the discussion of image testimonies as an interplay of evidential qualities and their potential to express affective relationalities and emotional involvement. The third section focuses on the question of how social media technologies shape and subsequently are shaped by image testimonies. To further complicate the ethical position of the witness, the final section looks at image testimony at the intersection of creation and destruction, taking into account the perspectives of different actors and their opposed moral positions.

With an emphasis on the affectivity of these images, Image Testimonies provides new and so far overlooked insights in the field. It will appeal to students and researchers interested in fields such as Sociology and Social Policy, Media and Communications, Visual Arts and Culture and Middle East Studies.

chapter Chapter 1|14 pages

Image testimonies

Witnessing in times of social media
Edited ByKerstin Schankweiler, Verena Straub, Tobias Wendl

part 15Part I|30 pages

Epistemologies of testimonies

chapter Chapter 2|13 pages

Credibility in crisis

Contradictions of web video witnessing
Edited BySascha Simons

chapter Chapter 3|15 pages

Affective images and the political trial

Edited ByJonas Bens

part |12 pages

In conversation

chapter Chapter 4|10 pages

Fearless filming

Video footage from Syria since 2011
Edited ByMarianna Liosi, Guevara Namer, Amer Matar

part 57Part II|30 pages

Affective witnessing

chapter Chapter 5|13 pages

“Moroccan Lives Matter”

Practices and politics of affecting
Edited ByKerstin Schankweiler

chapter Chapter 6|15 pages

Drone’s-eye view

Affective witnessing and technicities of perception
Edited ByMichael Richardson

part 87Part III|50 pages

Social media practices

chapter Chapter 7

Photographic witnessing, the occupation and Palestinian politics

BySimon Faulkner

chapter Chapter 8|17 pages

Witnessing to survive

Selfie videos, live mobile witnessing and black necropolitics
ByPenelope Papailias

chapter Chapter 9|16 pages

Eye, flesh, world

Three modes of digital witnessing
ByPaul Frosh

part 137Part IV|46 pages

Witnessing destruction

chapter Chapter 10|15 pages

“Living martyrs”

Testifying what is to come
ByVerena Straub

chapter Chapter 11|13 pages

Testimonies for a new social order

The Islamic State’s iconic iconoclasm
ByChristoph Günther, Tom Bioly

chapter Chapter 12|16 pages

From Cape Town to Timbuktu

Iconoclastic testimonies in the age of social media
ByTobias Wendl