First published in 1999, this volume recognises that lifelong and continuing education is one of the main issues on the educational stage. In the United Kingdom it is a key feature of the government’s educational initiative as reflected in the Green Paper, ‘The Learning Age: a Renaissance for a New Britain’ [DfEE, 1988]. This book provides a range of contributions to the current debate from academic practitioners. It includes both theoretical discussions and empirically-based studies. Lifelong learning continues to raise important educational questions which are relevant in many countries. These include issues concerning how to enable individuals to reach their potential for self-fulfilment; how to ensure that educational opportunities are interesting and available to all; and how to ensure that a nation’s workforce is adaptable and well-educated. Each chapter explores a dimension of such fundamental questions.

1. The Concept of Lifelong Learning. Paul Oliver. 2. Degrees of Adult Participation: Lifelong Learning in European Universities. Barbara Merrill. 3. Lifelong (L)earning and a ‘New Age’ at Work. Richard Edwards. 4. Adult Education with Theological Reflection: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach through Open Learning. Celia Deane-Drummond. 5. Identity, Risk and Lifelong Learning. Robin Usher. 6. Higher Education Courses in the Community: Issues Around Guidance and Learning Support for Non-Traditional Students. Julia Preece. 7. Mental Health and Adult Education. Katherine Hughes. 8. An Exploratory Examination of Changing Perceptions of Careership: The Implications for the Management of the Continuing Professional Development of Teachers. Loraine Powell. 9. Never Mind the Outcomes, What About the Experience: Lifelong Learning, Autobiography and Skills for Progression to Higher Education. Anna Paczuska. 10. Towards a Learning Society: The Role of Formal, Non-Formal and Informal Learning. Rosemary Moreland. 11. Lifelong Learning: Stretching the Discourse. Ian Martin. 12. Lifelong Learning for a Sustainable Future. Gillian Trorey, Cedric Cullingford and Barrie Cooper. 13. Employer Involvement in Lifelong Learning. Jill Mannion Brunt. 14. On Parenting and Being a Child: Lifelong or Short-Term Learning? Cedric Cullingford and Mary Morrison.