First published in 1997, this volume examines how Bulgaria has been an early starter, but a slow and often erratic mover in the path of stabilization and systemic transition. This book provides a most useful account of the development to date, and of the costs associated with Bulgarian strategy (or lack of), empirical analysis and theoretical reflections, especially in comparison with other transition economies. It will be of great interest to any scholar, official or businessman involved not only with Bulgaria, but more generally with post-communist countries.

part 1|2 pages


chapter 1|18 pages

Early transition in Bulgaria

review and evaluation
Edited ByDerek C. Jones, Jeffrey B. Miller

chapter 2|30 pages

Economic transformation and regional inequality in Bulgaria

in search of a meaningful unit of analysis
Edited ByMichael L. Wyzan

part 2|2 pages


chapter 3|10 pages

Inflation in a transition economy

the case of Bulgaria
Edited ByGarabed Minassian

chapter 4|18 pages

Price index gap in Bulgaria

Edited ByJeffrey B. Miller

chapter 5|18 pages

Incomes policies in Bulgaria

Edited ByEnev Tihomir, Kenneth Koford

chapter 6|28 pages

Macroeconomic effects of restrictive wage policy in Bulgaria

empirical evidence for 1991-95
Edited ByTzanov Vassil, Daniel Vaughan Whitehead

part 3|2 pages

Money And Capital Market

chapter 7|32 pages

A role for an independent central bank in transition?

The case of Bulgaria
Edited ByChristov Lubomir

chapter 8|16 pages

Collateral, access to credit, and investment in Bulgaria 1

Edited ByZeljko Bogetic, Heywood Fleisig

part 4|2 pages


chapter 9|24 pages

The international economy 1

Edited ByJohn A. Bristow

part 5|2 pages

Privatization, Restructuring Of State Firms And Small Firms

chapter 10|26 pages

Process of privatization in Bulgaria

Edited ByPamouktchiev Hristo, Parvulov Svilen, Petranov Stefan

chapter 11|18 pages

Nature and role of small firms in Bulgaria

Edited ByBartlett Will, Rossitsa Rangelova

chapter 12|31 pages

Enterprise adjustment during early transition 1

ByDerek C. Jones, Nikolov Stoyko

part 6|2 pages

Agricultural Reform

chapter 13|24 pages

Evolution of agrarian institutions in Bulgaria:

markets, cooperatives, and private farming, 1991-94
Edited ByMieke Meurs, Darren Spreeuw

part 6|2 pages

Labor Markets

chapter 14|29 pages

Bulgarian labor market during early period of transition

Edited ByChristina Lenkova

chapter 15|12 pages

Fringe benefits in transition:

evidence from Bulgaria
Edited ByMark Klinedinst, Rock Charles