First published in 1998, this volume features specialists in agricultural economics who have provided case studies on small farms in northern and central Portugal and southern and central Italy. The collaboration is a result of an early 1990s research project on small farm agriculture in Portugal and Italy and the likely impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy. It recognises that small farms have become an unexpected yet durable aspect of the agricultural landscape since World War II. As small farms represent 95% of the number of farms in Portugal and Italy, the contributors provide some much needed analysis of an often overlooked aspect of the agricultural sector.

chapter 1|6 pages


ByFrancisco Avillez, Eric Monke

chapter 2|18 pages

Evaluation of small farm agriculture

ByEric Monke, Francisco Avillez, Scott Pearson, Gaetano Marenco

chapter |6 pages

Appendix to chapter 2

ByEric Monke, Francisco Avillez, Scott Pearson, Francisco Avillez, Gaetano Marenco, Carlo Perone-Pacifico

chapter 3|34 pages

Small farms in Northern and Central Portugal

ByFrancisco Avillez, Manuela Jorge, Joao Jesus, Carlos Trindade, Hugo Ferreira, Joao Costa

chapter 4|32 pages

Small farms in Southern Italy

ByCarlo Cafiero, Antonio Cioffi, Paolo Cupo, Eugenio Pomarici, Fabrizio Sallusti

chapter 5|26 pages

Small farms in Central Italy

ByGabriele Dono, Simone Severini, Alessandro Sorrentino

chapter 6|24 pages

The future for small farms in Southern Europe

ByFrancisco Avillez, Eric Monke, Scott Pearson, Carlo erone-Pacifico