The Routledge Companion to Games in Architecture and Urban Planning aims to identify and showcase the rich diversity of games, including: simulation games, game-like approaches, game scenarios, and gamification processes for teaching/learning, design and research in architecture and urban planning.

This collection creates an opportunity for exchange and reflection on games in architecture and urban planning. Theoretical discussions, descriptive accounts, and case studies presenting empirical evidence are featured; combined with reflections, constructive critical analysis, discussions of connections, and various influences on this field.

Twenty-eight international contributors have come together from eleven countries and five continents to present their studies on games in architecture and urban planning, pose new questions, and advocate for innovative perspectives.

chapter 1|14 pages

Architecture and Urban Planning? Game On!

Games as Tools for Design, Teaching/Learning, and Research in Architecture and Urban Planning

part I|1 pages

(Co)-Design Games

chapter 2|15 pages

Room for Play in Architecture

Participatory Games and Game-Like Tools in Architecture Developed by die Baupiloten

chapter 3|15 pages

Urban Transition

Games are Political: Challenging Municipal Urban Planning Practices for Sustainable Development and Mutual Learning Through Game Co-Designing

chapter 4|13 pages

The Office Scrabble Game

Co-designing Workspaces with the Everyday as a Resource in Design Games

part II|1 pages

(Co)-Design and Educational Games

chapter 5|13 pages

Playing Pretend

An Interview with Steven Mankouche

chapter 6|16 pages

The Architecture of ScarCity Game

The Pedagogy of Scarce Design Process

chapter 7|15 pages

The World of Energy Games

part III|1 pages

Educational Games

chapter 8|17 pages

Efargo Energy Challenge

Architecture as a Gaming Board in Pervasive Energy Games

chapter 9|14 pages


Developing Critical Thinking About the Urban Environment Through Games

chapter 10|10 pages

Design as Crossword-Puzzle Solving

The Role of Game in Merging Research and Design

chapter 11|11 pages

The Modern Architecture Game

A Learning Tool about Modern Architecture History for an International Audience

part IV|1 pages

Educational and Research Games

chapter 12|12 pages

Energy Geogame ‘E-Footprints’

Prototype Designed to Collect Data about Human Behavior in Built Environments

chapter 13|15 pages

Spector – The Sustainability Inspector

Learning, Teaching, and Evaluation Through a Participatory and Exploratory Game

part V|1 pages

Research Games

chapter 14|8 pages

Reversing the Co-design Process

Co-Design Games for Post-Occupancy Evaluation 1

part VI|1 pages

(Co)-Design, Educational, and Research Games

chapter 15|18 pages

The Sorting Task

Its Versatility and Adaptability in Research, Teaching, and Practice

chapter 16|13 pages

Games as Urban Agora

An Analysis of Games as Participatory Research, Co-Design, and Educational Tools in Urban Planning

chapter 17|15 pages

The Role of Gaming in Community Engagement

Case Study of a Studio Focused on Societal Challenges