Calls to improve undergraduate STEM education have resulted in initiatives that seek to bolster student learning outcomes by promoting changes in teaching practices. Written by participants in a series of ground-breaking social network analysis (SNA) workshops, Researching and Enacting Change in Postsecondary Education argues that the academic department is a highly productive focus for the spread of new, network-based teaching ideas. By clarifying methodological issues related to SNA data collection and articulating relevant theoretical approaches to the topic, this book leverages current knowledge about social network theory and SNA techniques for understanding instructional improvement in higher education.

chapter 1|6 pages


ByNaneh Apkarian, Charles Henderson

chapter 2|15 pages

Change in Higher Education

ByCharles Henderson, Kathleen Quardokus Fisher, Andrea Beach

chapter 3|8 pages

Social Network Terminology

ByAlexis V. Knaub, Charles Henderson

chapter 4|25 pages

Social Network Analysis in K-12 Settings

Review, Implications, and New Directions for Higher Education
ByChristoforos Mamas, Alan J. Daly

chapter 5|19 pages

Four Perspectives for Interpreting Social Networks

ByAlexis V. Knaub, Charles Henderson, Chris Rasmussen, Stanley M. Lo

chapter 6|22 pages

Network Measurement and Data Collection Methods in Higher Education

Practices and Guidelines
ByJohn Skvoretz, Julie Risien, Bennett B. Goldberg

chapter 7|29 pages

Instructor Discussion Networks Across 22 STEM Departments

ByKathleen Quardokus Fisher, Naneh Apkarian

chapter 8|3 pages


ByChris Rasmussen, Naneh Apkarian