First published in 1997, this volume features a wealth of contributions discussing mortgage lending discrimination and the role of the FHA, fair lending enforcement and the Decatur case, along with the future of mortgage discrimination research. This key civil rights debate in the wake of the Fair Housing Act 25 years prior is evaluated and clarified through rigorous review of fair lending research, applied projects and enforcement activities to date. It argues forcefully that the right to take out a mortgage to buy a home should be conditioned only upon one’s credit worthiness and not on one’s race or ethnic group.

part One|397 pages

Mortgage Lending Discrimination Research

chapter Chapter One|26 pages

An Overview

chapter Chapter Four|40 pages

Turning a Critical Eye on the Critics

chapter Chapter Eleven|29 pages

Discrimination and the Secondary Mortgage Market

chapter Chapter Twelve|33 pages

Housing Discrimination and the Appraisal Industry

part Two|278 pages

Fair Lending Enforcement

chapter Chapter Thirteen|26 pages

An Overview

chapter Chapter Fourteen|18 pages

The Decatur Federal Case

chapter Chapter Fifteen|6 pages

The Decatur Federal Case: A Summary Report

chapter Chapter Eighteen|23 pages

Targeting a Lending Discrimination Investigation

chapter Chapter Twenty-Five|28 pages

The Chevy Chase Case

part Three|40 pages

Future Directions