Originally published in 1987, here are up-to-the-minute insights and perspectives on the application of the principles of behavioralism to social work practice. The foremost authorities in the field of behavioral social work provided important empirically based practice and qualitative research findings that effectively illustrated the validity of behavioral approaches to social work. This practical volume features original research findings that employ either conventional group research methods or single-subject approaches to practice evaluation; comprehensive reviews of the state of the art in behavioral social work; and treatment modalities, including individual, marital and family, and group interventions. All in all, this title has the information professionals needed to keep abreast of the developments in this field at the time.

chapter |6 pages

Progress in Behavioral Social Work: An Introduction

Edited ByBruce A. Thyer, Walter W. Hudson

chapter |30 pages

Behavioral Treatment of Chronic Psychiatric Patients

ByStephen E. Wong, James E. Woolsey, Estrella Gallegos

chapter |16 pages

Research in Behavioral Parent Training in Social Work: A Review

ByRichard A. Polster, Richard F. Dangel, Robert Rasp

chapter |20 pages

Behavioral Social Work with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

ByGail Steketee

chapter |12 pages

Life Skills Counseling for Preventing Problems in Adolescence

ByLewayne D. Gilchrist, Steven Paul Schinke, Josie Solseng Maxwell

chapter |20 pages

Treatment Compliance in Social Work

ByRona L. Levy

chapter |16 pages

Clinical Research in Sexual Dysfunctions: Social Work Contributions

ByDianne F. Harrison

chapter |18 pages

Unilateral Family Therapy with the Spouses of Alcoholics

ByEdwin J. Thomas, Cathleen Santa, Denise Bronson, Daphna Oyserman

chapter |16 pages

Medical Social Work Management of Urinary Incontinence in the Elderly: A Behavioral Approach

ByElsie M. Pinkston, Michael W. Howe, Donald K. Blackman