Written by experienced practitioners and researchers, Assessment of Cataloging and Metadata Services provides the reader with many examples of how assessment practices can be applied to the work of cataloging and metadata services departments. Containing both research and case studies, it explores a variety of assessment methods as they are applied to the evaluation of cataloging productivity, workflows, metadata quality, vendor services, training needs, documentation, and more. Assessment methods addressed in these chapters include surveys, focus groups, interviews, observational analyses, workflow analyses, and methodologies borrowed from the field of business. Assessment of Cataloging and Metadata Services will help managers and administrators as they attempt to evaluate and communicate the value of what they do to their broader communities, whether they are higher education institutions, another organization, or the public. This book will help professionals with decision making and give them the tools they need to identify and implement improvements.

The chapters in this book were originally published in a special issue in Cataloging & Classification Quarterly.

chapter |3 pages


Assessment of Cataloging and Metadata Services: Introduction
ByRebecca L. Mugridge

chapter |18 pages

Defining, Assessing, and Rethinking Quality Cataloging

ByKaren Snow

chapter |11 pages

A Librarian-Centered Study of Perceptions of Subject Terms and Controlled Vocabulary

ByWilliam N. Schultz, Lindsay Braddy

chapter |26 pages

Initiating Cultural Shifts in Perceptions of Cataloging Units through Interaction Assessment

ByAndrea Payant, Becky Skeen, Liz Woolcott

chapter |13 pages

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) for Cataloging: An Application and Evaluation

ByJennifer Meekhof, Amy B. Bailey

chapter |16 pages

An Investigation of Title Ambiguity in the Health Sciences Literature

ByDick R. Miller, Joanne Banko, Thea S. Allen, Ariel Vanderpool, Ryan Max Steinberg

chapter |27 pages

Transforming the CIP Data Block: Assessing User Needs to Re-envision a Venerable Library Icon

ByKarl Debus-López, Marilyn McCroskey, Regina Romano Reynolds, Caroline Saccucci, Camilla Williams, Michele Zwierski

chapter |11 pages

New Approaches to Subject Indexing at the British Library

ByJanet Ashton, Caroline Kent

chapter |18 pages

Managing Bibliographic Data Quality for Electronic Resources

ByDavid Van Kleeck, Hikaru Nakano, Gerald Langford, Trey Shelton, Jimmie Lundgren, Allison Jai O’Dell

chapter |10 pages

Planning, Implementing, and Assessing a CD Reclassification Project

ByRobert B. Freeborn

chapter |24 pages

Many Languages, Many Workflows: Mapping and Analyzing Technical Services Processes for East Asian and International Studies Materials

ByLeigh Billings, Nerea A. Llamas, Beth E. Snyder, Yunah Sung

chapter |14 pages

Cataloging from the Center: Improving e-Book Cataloging on a Consortial Level

ByEmily Alinder Flynn, Erin Kilkenny