Project management is at a crossroads: There is a pressing need to rethink the approaches used in initiating, managing and governing projects, programmes and change initiatives. The aim of this book is to progress the dialogue around project practice by shifting the focus from instrumental methods and prescriptive techniques towards a context-sensitive consideration of people, strategy and change.

Projects are initiated to deliver agreed outputs that can be translated into meaningful outcomes capable of satisfying the wishes and expectations for improvement and development. Yet, people, strategy and change, which are largely ignored by the conventional bodies of knowledge, are clearly central to the sustainable and enduring success of projects, efforts and initiatives.

The volume brings together some of the best writing by leading authorities on key topics including trust, ethics, people, psychology, requirements, project performance, audits, uncertainty, anti-fragility, strategic initiatives, governance, change management and commercial management. The collection offers an invaluable new resource for informed managers looking to engage with the latest thinking and research.

part 1|1 pages


part 2|1 pages


chapter |6 pages

On The Psychological Aspect of Management

ByFred Voskoboynikov

part 3|1 pages


chapter |24 pages

A Primer on Project Requirements Management

ByDarren Dalcher

part 4|1 pages


chapter |5 pages

Homing in on Project Performance

ByDarren Dalcher

chapter |7 pages

Project Performance Audit – A Methodology

ByAlexia Nalewaik

part 5|1 pages


part 6|1 pages

Strategic initiatives

chapter |4 pages

We Need to Talk About Strategy

ByDarren Dalcher

chapter |9 pages

Managing Strategic Initiatives

ByTerry Cooke-Davies

part 7|1 pages


chapter |10 pages

Is it Time for ‘Good Enough’ Governance?

ByDarren Dalcher

chapter |18 pages

Project Governance

ByMartin Samphire

part 8|1 pages


part 9|1 pages

Commercial management