Detailed yet accessible, Translation and Localization brings together the research and insights of veteran practicing translators to offer comprehensive guidance for technical communicators. The volume begins with the fundamentals of translation before leading readers through the process of preparing technical documents for translation. It then presents the broader area of localization, again beginning with its key competencies. Concluding chapters examine the state of the field as computers take on more translation and localization work. Featuring real-life scenarios and a broad range of experienced voices, this is an invaluable resource for technical and professional communicators looking to expand into international markets. 

chapter |15 pages


The Dynamics of—and Need to Understand—Translation and Localization in Technical Communication

part I|94 pages


part Area 1|46 pages

Central Concepts

chapter 2|26 pages

Pragmatic Translation and Assessment for Technical Communicators

Countering Myths and Misconceptions

part II|70 pages


part Area 3|71 pages

Fundamentals, Contexts, and Content

chapter 6|24 pages

How Streetsmart Marketers Try Phishing Customers

(Mis)Communication or Missed Communication through Loan Words

chapter 7|22 pages

Technical Communicators on Track or Led Astray!

Using Quality Standards in Practice

part III|61 pages


part Area 4|60 pages

Computing and Commerce