First published in 1998, this book addresses the increasingly important social and organisational issues of information systems development both at the operational level and within a wider social context. Reflecting the environmental issues surrounding the development of information systems and the implementation of information technology. This book is aimed at supporting information systems courses incorporating a behavioural element or sociology courses with an information systems content.

part I|39 pages

Sociatechnical Perspective

chapter 2|13 pages

Critical Issues of Information Society

BySavvas Katsikides

chapter 3|11 pages

Culture Gap or Culture Trap?

ByJane Young

part II|127 pages

Organisational Perspective

chapter 4|24 pages

Organisational Analysis in Computer Science

ByRob Kling

chapter 5|50 pages

The Social Context of Software Design

ByHarold Salzman

chapter 6|23 pages

Computer Networking and Interdisciplinary Research

ByMargit Pohl

chapter 8|10 pages

Strategies for the Introduction of Multimedia Systems

ByD J Moore, D J Hobbs

part III|58 pages

User Participation

chapter 10|17 pages

Participatory Standardisation of Information Infrastructure

ByOle Hanseth, Eric Monteiro

chapter 12|12 pages

CSCW in Information System Application Development

ByChris Dixon, Tony Stockman

chapter 13|18 pages

Enabling Group Work - Facilitation and CSCW Tightly Knitted

ByJohannes Gärtner, Andrea Birbaumer