This volume gives voice to an impressive range of Indigenous authors who share their knowledge and perspectives on issues that pertain to activism, culture, language and identity – the fabric of being Indigenous. The contributions highlight the experiences of Indigenous peoples from a variety of countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Greenland, Norway and Russia. The book provides valuable historical and political insight into the lingering impact of colonization, considering the issues faced by Indigenous peoples today and reflecting on the ability of their cultures, languages and identities to survive in the twenty-first century.

chapter |9 pages


part I|40 pages

Telling ‘his-stories’

chapter 2|10 pages

Life after land loss

Forced relocation policies and their consequences for the Kola Sámi

chapter 3|12 pages

Eualeyai story tracks

part II|36 pages

Perspectives on cultural ways of being Indigenous

chapter 4|12 pages

The staying force of Inuit knowledge

part III|40 pages

Perspectives on colonization and identity

chapter 7|13 pages

Colonization as myth-making

A case study in Aotearoa

chapter 8|11 pages

Of this red earth

chapter 9|13 pages

For a Greenlandic independence

part IV|58 pages

Perspectives on activism and philosophy

part V|56 pages

Perspectives on language and cultural survival